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East African Luxury Sky Safari

Having recently returned from Kenya where I led 12 amazing clients on a 12 day safari I wanted to share some of the highlights with my readers.

Firstly I want my readers to know this safari consisted of 6 adults and their respected 6 children.  Each family has 2 kids with the ages being from 10-20 years in age.  The Sky Safari I lead is SO KID FRIENDLY, SAFE and FULL OF FUN you have to experience to believe it.   This group of close friends was very trusting with me and after a few days on safari they admitted they were not sure what to expect but the expectations had already been met.

We visit specific areas in Kenya where we frequent often and have established tenured relations with the Park Wardens, Lodge owners and animals.  The average retail safari does not and will never have this kind of in depth knowledge and longevity as we do.  This is due to our guide Mark C. Ross who has been guiding these areas for more than 30 years.  Our stops will include, Samburu Elephant Bedroom, Lewa Wilderness, Maasai Mara Private Camp, Rusinga Island Lodge or Lamu Island and Peponi Hotel, Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa Lodge or Crater Lodge) and the Serengeti National Park (usually a private mobile camp)

Here are a few images from our last safari I'd like to share with my readers.  

These are some of my favorite pictures and just a tiny glimpse of how exciting life on safari is with Gerling Safaris.  We will have two Sky Safaris in September of next year that will each feature the World Famous Great Migration of Wildebeest.  We will camp right on the Mara River and be in perfect position to witness a River Crossing.  We will take a maximum of 12 people.  Stay tuned for more details and pricing in the coming months.

Regards to everyone and thanks for visiting Gerling Safaris.

Mark Gerling

Here we go...

June 5, 2012
Palm Coast, FL

Here we go...

Getting ready for my next safari which begins on June 11 in Nairobi, Kenya. I am flying out a day ahead of my awesome group from Ormond Beach who arrive late on the 10. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet to be living my dream of guiding safaris in East Africa and getting to share this amazing place with my clients.

The spring rains have been steady and hard this year which should boast well for our timing into the mara region late in our safari. The heavy rains are fading away and the watering holes are swollen and filled with game. The Wildebeest are on the move to the green grasses of the Mara Plains so I am feeling pretty good about our location near the Mara River. On this safari we will makes visits to Samburu where we will stay at Elephant Bedroom, A luxury tented camp set right on the Ewaso Ng'iro River where Elephants will literally stroll through camp during lunch. From here we will make a short flight over the northern slopes of Mt. Kenya to one of my all time favorite reserves in all of Kenya, Lewa Downs. Lewa has the largest concentration of both white and black Rhino in East Africa if not in all of Africa. Here we will have the opportunity to experience a horseback safari and walking safaris. The lodge and cottages are simply out of this world and a must see for anyone going to Kenya. We will then fly across part of the rift valley to the World Famous Maasai Mara in South Western Kenya. We will spend 3 nights camped out along the Mara River in our very own private canvass camp. It will surely be the highlight for this group. The lion density in the Mara alone makes a trip worth it to this sacred land. If we have a little luck on our side we may get to witness the famed river crossing of the wildebeest where some will see their chances of reaching the green grasses come to a screeching halt thanks to the 3 meter Nile Crocs waiting for them. We will end our safari in the posh and lush tropical setting at Rusinga Island Lodge. More like a true paradise Island Rusinga has the best of both worlds with Lake Victoria as the back drop and Goma National Park a short boat ride away for more game viewing pleasure. We will also stop by the Kolunga Village where we have a foundation supported by Gerling Safaris. I cannot wait to see the locals and welcome my group to visit them and see how they live. We will bring some much needed medical supplies and clothing for the village people which will be greatly appreciated as always.

Stay tuned for my follow up entries from Kenya. I will do my best to keep all my readers informed on where we are and what we are experiencing. I am so ready to be back on African soil I can hardly stand still. I will miss my Wife and Son naturally but hopefully in time they can join me...


Mark Gerling