Mark & Shayla Gerling in the Serengeti National Park, TanzaniaGerling Safaris was created by Mark & Shayla Gerling with a strict basis of having a personal investment in servicing our clients who want to truly experience the "Life Changing" opportunity a trip to Africa can provide.

Owner Mark Gerling developed a love and passion for the "Dark Continent" after his first trip to Africa back in 1996. It was in Mali where Mark shared a few kindred moments with some Malian boys eating mangos out of a 65 foot high tree.

Mark with Samburu Warrior"I knew at that exact moment in my life that Africa was a very special place and would be in my life forever." "It was a surreal experience and quite humbling." "Sharing the African experience with others is the best part of my job and life."  

Mark and Shayla have since been to Africa many times and both share a equal love and passion for the people and animals of Africa.  Shayla is often asked what is your favorite place.  "I really thought Samburu in Kenya was my favorite but then I saw the Maasai Mara and it was my favorite, then I went to Tanzania and saw the Ngorongoro Crater and it became my favorite and then the Serengeti.  The great thing about Africa is everywhere you go is very unique in itself so they really all have become my favorites."


The Gerling's have every intention to take their young son Brady Walker to Africa in the next few years.  He is going on 3 years old and already knows every animal by name.  He is also named after a friend of the family who is from the West African nation of Ghana.  

Our Guides

Gerling Safaris is proud to introduce some of our five star guides we use in East Africa.


Mark C. Ross has been guiding safaris in Kenya and East Africa for over 30 years.  Not only is he the top guide in all of East Africa he is a master pilot and flies his own plane on his safaris.

An educator, adventurer and an explorer, he was raised in North America on a wildlife refuge in a family of teachers and highly trained musicians. Academics and the Arts were the primary focus and from a very early age Mark began earnestly studying wildlife, photography, and East Africa. His early jobs of roughnecking on oil rigs, working as a ranch hand and as a fire fighting helicopter rappeller all gave him a strong taste for incorporating the outdoors and adventure into his learning. While still in High School he began teaching wildlife and ornithology and planning his education so that it led him ultimately to Kenya. Marlin Perkins, Director of the St. Louis Zoo and Host of Wild Kingdom, was an early mentor of Mark’s and encouraged his learning.

After completing two Bachelors degrees in wildlife and doing research in zoology in Kenya’s Masai Mara for a doctoral thesis, Mark earned yet another degree in Secondary education and followed his natural abilities into the world of teaching. It was during school vacations, while he taught in Kenya, that Mark started guiding safari’s for guests and his side business/hobby blossomed so quickly and so widely, just by word of mouth, that Mark eventually chose to focus his teaching skills into teaching “in the field” (which is how Mark still looks at his occupation). Mark loves his work and it shows in his gracious approach to his guests and his reverence and great knowledge of the field. For 30 years Mark Ross’ safari business has thrived almost entirely by word of mouth.

The New York Times, Time Magazine, and National Geographic have hired Mark in various capacities and his photographs and writings have appeared in numerous publications worldwide. He has also written two books (Dangerous Beauty, True Stories from a Safari guide, published by Hyperion Press, and Predator, Life and Death in the African Bush, published by Abrams books) and is working on a third. Both of his books have achieved critical acclaim and Predator is used by several International safari companies as their definitive predator guide that they recommend to guests for safari pre-reading.

John Koskey has been guiding in East Africa for 20 plus years.  He is an incredible tracker of predators and has extensive education in all major Parks and Reserves in Kenya.  Not only is he a great man he is a great friend and someone I trust with my clients 100%.

Mike Ndeme is a former member of the Kenyan Military and was with the airborne infantry logging close to 3000 jumps as a sky diver.  He has worked in the wildlife service industry for over 15 years with a college degree in guiding and animal behavior.  He is magnificant with clients of all ages and has a laugh that is simply contagious. Mike is also a great friend and family man in his home Country of Kenya.

Jacob is the visionary an expert safari guide with over 15years experience, born and raised in village in between two Mountains, Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro After having worked as a guide for top tier safari companies in Tanzania, Kibo Safari , Sokwe Asilia, and Nomad Tanzania . he love being in the bush where he spend his life for authentic, inspiring, and personalized client experiences that respect his beloved homeland of Tanzania. So Jacob lovebirds and walking safari, offering unique safari experiences built around individual needs and interests and focused on providing clients with authentic experiences and cultural exchanges with minimum impact on the land. Depth of knowledge and a willingness to share that knowledge characterize Jacob. He is always well prepared, well organized; flexible, amiable, a good leader and he can always spot animals from a mile away.

Skills Special Knowledge & Additional Experience 
Guiding in all Tanzania National Parks
, Walking guiding
, Interpreting natural (flora, fauna), cultural and historical aspects 
of countries and nature parks
, Leading tours
, Overseeing camp. He hold Degree in Tour Guiding and Business Administration at Kenya utalii university in all aspects of Safari Tour Guiding
, Nature (flora, fauna)
 East Africa History
, Culture and Conservation
, Customized Tours
, Family Tours
, Senior/Elderly Tours
. Luxury Tours
, Birding
, fluent in English, Spanish and Kiswahili
  First Aid Techniques and Procedures
. Bronze level from Kenya Professional Safari Association
. Customer Care Techniques

Travel Experience

USA, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda



Adam was born in Arusha, a city located in Northern Tanzania.  His passion for African wildlife began at an early age back in secondary school where he was involved with environmental conservation clubs.  He then graduated with a Diploma in Wildlife Management  from the College of African Wildlife and became certified as a Wilderness First Aid Responder with CPR training.  Adam has extensive training and is extremely knowledgeable in customer care.

Adam has more than 7 years of experience successfully leading wildlife safaris and mountain climbing expeditions around Tanzania's protected areas.  He is fluent in both English and Swahili and will ensure your adventure is an exceptional experience! 

When Adam is not working, he enjoys spending time delivering motivational speeches to school children and volunteering with different school projects.


Koskey & Mike with Gerling Safaris