Where to Go and Where to Stay


The variety of destinations within Kenya and Tanzania can be overwhelming, but its easily manageable and having choices is always a good thing.

Certain parks and certain countries and activities are better at some times of the year than other.  but somewhere is always good and some places are not seasonal, but always good as well. 

So its an easy and fun experience to put together a custom safari.  Click here to plan your safari today.

I’ve written a number of descriptions below, for a number of my favorite places in East and Southern Africa.   Read through them,  ponder when you would like to come to Africa, and what places might work well for you.  Then let’s correspond directly, and in more detail, and get your personalized itinerary finalized.

KILIMANJARO CLIMB LODGING:  The Tents we use are geared for the extreme cold conditions the mountain offers. We offer a wide variety of rental gear for those wishiong not to purchase all the necessary gear for a climb of this magnitude.  Nothing glamorous about the lodging on Kilimanjaro but rest assured you will well taken care of from start to summit!